Jane Jacobs Walk, Hyderabad 2015

The Jane Jacobs Walks are held every year worldwide in the month of May to commemorate the birthday of Jane Jacobs; an urban activist who believed in making cities more humane and inclusive. The walks were hosted for the first time in Hyderabad and were an interesting and learning experience for all. The neighbourhoods visited were Moghalpura (9th May) in the erstwhile walled city of Hyderabad and Marredpally (10th May) in the erstwhile British settlement of Secunderabad. These walks were free and open to all.

Musi Riverfront Walk, Hyderabad 2015

In light of the predicament we faced as a city, the 'Musi Riverfront Walk' was organised on 2nd August 2015. The Musi river, though in a state of ecological deterioration, strings along with it architectural marvels from the Asaf Jahi era and is testimony to the artistic brilliance and visionary planning of the erstwhile rulers of Hyderabad City. We met to experience the sheer beauty of this promenade with its gems and to speculate on the possibility of losing one of them; The Osmania General Hospital.


Living History: The heritage of Hyderabad, August 2015

Cities tend to fall apart as a cohesive entity when they suffer from an identity crisis. The case of the turmoil of Osmania General Hospital is a classic example. Sneha's talk at Lamakaan was held to discuss a way forward in re-building the fractured image of the city and make development more broad, inclusive and diverse than letting it become a dagger in a blind man's hand.